Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter- Now My Soul Cries Out Hallelujah!

     It's been a joyous week to be on Spring Break. Nature treated us to beautiful weather which lifted winter weary spirits. I neglected the gardens last year. Grief is all I can say about that. I recall planting stuff, but I don't remember much about it other than that it was more of a chore than a joy. Thankfully, the joy and wonder for the garden has returned. That magical feeling that spring brings, of seeing bright colors, of discovering new patterns in flowers and leaves, of hearing the bird's songs and watching their antics, it all feels brand new. My heart feels light on more days than it feels heavy. The process has been so slow that it was almost negligible. It's only by looking back that I realize how far I've come. So, how appropriate that today is Easter Sunday! This beautiful week has culminated in the most precious celebration of all time. All day, in my head I am singing,  ♪ "Christ! Christ! He is risen indeed! Oh sing Hallelujah..." ♫

It's hard to tell where the Redbud ends and the Dogwood begins. They are so pretty together.

Maybe there will be sweet cherries this year after all.
The Viburnum I photographed in my last post have now burst into full bloom. The purple under the maple tree is the Ajuga Chocolate Chip, shared from B.'s garden a couple of years ago.

I found a good sized violet patch out in the field. When I was growing up in New York, I would dig wild violets just like these and present them to my mom for Mother's Day. In NY, they always bloomed around Mother's Day. I decided to try and transplant some of these to the rock garden (below).
The Dogwood leans a bit. It is windblown and we leave it. I think it adds character.
This man had just finished digging a 3' by 2' hole in the hard clay for me. He changed his clothes and was waiting for the neighbor to finish mowing so they could enjoy a beer together. He earned it! Next up- paint the shed and build a door and cupola for it. The raised beds contain herbs (on the right), horseradish (on the left), asparagus (out of range), hops (back left), and two and a half beds still free for tomatoes, green beans, and peppers.
The lay of the land just after sunrise, Easter morning.
The lilacs are also in bloom now. We're going to be on sensory overload here pretty soon.


  1. All the blooms are lovely to see, Lee, and the smell of liliacs reminds me of when my parents had two trees in the yard of our home. Both were purple flowers.

  2. Beautiful blossoms! Those raised beds look wonderful, I would be so happy to have those!

  3. Beautiful photos. Those beds!!! What a great gift

  4. Happy, Happy Easter Beautiful Lady!

  5. I feel that I should read this over and over...the images and thoughts? Wow! Enjoy spring, celebrate Easter!