Saturday, February 25, 2017

Family Week

     About twice a year, Chelsea and her growing family drive down from New Hampshire to visit us in Virginia. Claire and her family will then drive up from North Carolina. The gathering is always a cause for celebration and a chance for the four sisters to see one another. Everyone likes to be outdoors and we partake in whatever activities the weather permits. There have been times of sledding and snowmen and times of water balloon fights and BBQ. By far, the family's favorite pastime is a bonfire. Last week, we were lucky enough to have a combination of very mild weather and an accumulation of branches and brush to burn. The temperatures climbed through the fifties into the sixties and seventies by week's end. Simon spent a day gathering the brush from different areas on the property. He lit a smaller campfire on Thursday and it was kept burning throughout the weekend. This smaller fire is more convenient for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Ian and Simon camped out in the field on Friday night and the older kids enjoyed an evening under a clear sky filled with stars. We lit the big bonfire on Saturday night and the littler kids got to stay up late and enjoy the fun.   
     Needless to say, the week goes by much too quickly and it's a little sad and quiet after everyone leaves. I immersed myself in laundry and cleaning up and it was a good distraction. I also took on a few extra hours at work this week, so there wasn't much time for me to wallow. : ) Sadly, Audrey and Jared weren't able to join us for the weekend portion of our activities. Audrey caught the cold virus that everyone had been sharing and it was bad enough to keep her resting at home. There's always next time.

By day...

... and by night

Aunt Chelsea built a teepee.

Pop and Nonni : )

Steve, keeper of the fire.
One year old!


  1. Beautiful family!

    I do love a fire like that.

  2. The Bon fire is always a favorite when my family gathers as well.
    Such happy moments for all.

  3. We use our fire pit a fun! Always hard to see everyone go. After the laundry, the quiet can be nice too.

  4. That's quite a bonfire! It sounds like a wonderful week.