Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Catching Up and Keeping Up

     We've had a bit of the flu, along with a few other viruses, going around here. The nurse's office at school has been busy and we've taken turns at home with all of it. I doubt there is anything left for us to catch at this point! I trust it is all behind us now and we can get on with enjoying our weekends by not spending them in bed.
     We enjoyed having Claire's children here last weekend while Claire and Daniel went skiing. The children were happy and content with whatever we provided them for food and entertainment. Sunday afternoon turned out to be sunny and mild so we played outside. The kids were all over the place, running and exploring. We started out wearing jackets and hats but, those were quickly shed since it was warm enough for shirts and sweaters. Henri and I kept up pretty well, all things considered. : )



  1. I hope everyone is on the mend now. You have a lovely group there - lovely that they have fields to run in like that.

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  3. Flu has been going around and glad to read that you recovered in time to enjoy the visit from your grandchildren. It's also nice when children are not fussy eaters.
    (Sorry but had some typos in the previous post, so deleted it.)