Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Autumn's Grand Finale

     I began hooking this rug at the very, very end of autumn, sometime around December 10th. This is where I am today. The most difficult part has been finding wool in the colors I envision for the design. As I became ready to hook the border, I found a small piece of wool in the perfect shade of brown in a local antique mall where a vendor sells wool in one of the stalls. It wasn't a big enough piece to complete the border and I lamented over how to acquire more of it, even messaging the vendor to see if she had more. (She did not.) A rug hooking friend asked me to give her a sample of it so she could go home and check her wool stash to see if she might happen to have it. Lo and behold, she phoned me right away to say she found some in a drawer! We both rejoiced over the phone knowing what it means to find just the right piece and color of wool. This good news prompted me to cut the piece I already had and begin work on the border, knowing more wool was on the way. Yay!
     I completely enjoy every hour I spend working on these rugs. The time is peaceful, contemplative, and nourishing to my creative spirit. It's amazing how the mind is freed up to really delve into thought when the hands are busy like this. I think about my family and friends, I pray, I ponder books I'm reading, and I work out solutions to problems weighing on my spirit. In the end, there is a beautiful rug to throw down on the floor or hang on the wall. Woven into it are all those people and thoughts that occupied the many hours to create it. Many of you, my dear family, friends, and readers, are in this rug. : )


  1. I'm having a bit of a sentimental day and and last two lines made me well up. So lovely. (And so is the rug.) xo

  2. It is beautiful. And so are your word to describe time well spent with busy hands.

  3. what precious piece of art !
    you are wonderful at your skills!
    your heading photo is beautiful!