Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hooking in the New Year

This morning's view was peaceful and soothing. A snowstorm was the perfect excuse to stay put and be creative. Steve kept the wood stove burning and the paths cleared. I made a pot of soup and worked on my rug. I'm so pleased that Virginia gives us a bit of winter each year. It's just the right amount for my liking and I embrace days like this in which we can enjoy our favorite wintry activities and view these beautiful landscapes. The weather forecast has us at sixty-three degrees by Friday and that's the beauty of living in the mountains of Virginia! * The window screen pattern in this photo mimics the weave of the linen backing of my rug.

I hooked a table runner for Claire's Christmas gift. My biggest challenge at this beginner stage of hooking is finding wool in the colors I envision for a particular project. Wool is expensive and it takes a long time to build up a stash. My hooking friends have been generous and have given me wool from their stashes. Otherwise, I have ordered some specific pieces online and found other pieces via garments in thrift stores. For me, this craft is all about the wool and I search for it and collect it like a pack rat.

Steve built this cubby for me which was funded by my sister as a lovely Christmas gift. It's the perfect storage for the wool I've begun to amass. The baskets hold leftover strips and smaller pieces. Veteran hookers have walls of cubbies like this, jam-packed with wool in various shades of every color. (In my dreams!) It's like having a paint palette or a sixty-four count box of crayons at your fingertips. : )


  1. I love the perspective of the winter scene outside your window - while everything looks warm and cozy inside your home.

  2. That's a beautiful scene outside (and inside!) your window. And love the table runner with its moon and star. Lovely.

    That cubby is perfect. What a nice thing!