Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Laugh in the Face of Chaos! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

     So this is our kitchen at one o'clock in the afternoon on Thanksgiving day. I laughed out loud when I went through the photos and saw this. It's so real. I'll admit that I was a little stressed at the moment this photo was taken. I had just discovered that one of the two turkey breasts I planned to cook for our dinner had a bad odor to it. I decided to drop everything and drive the twenty five miles round trip to the supermarket to exchange the stinky bird. Thankfully, all the side dishes and desserts were staged or already cooked and the weather was so beautiful that the family didn't even miss me while I was gone. They were all playing outside. So, I made the drive, got the fresh turkey breast, rushed home and had them both cooked and served only twenty minutes later than planned.
     In general, this sums up how all my days feel lately. Everything is fine, the days come and go without incident, but I can't seem to get a hold of peace and tranquility. I definitely can't get a hold on housework. I will cut myself a little slack and reason that we've had a lot of house guests and activity in November. I've also been sewing and making some Christmas things and I let everything, including the housework, slide because I would much rather sew or hook. But I do wonder why it feels like time is passing much more rapidly these days (and years). I wonder if perhaps the world truly is spinning faster but the scientists don't notice it because the entire universe is moving faster and it's all relative, so it's impossible to detect or measure. I'm sure astrophysicists would laugh at my theory, but someone is going to have to convince me with solid proof that time isn't fleeting the way I imagine it is. 
     My best laid plans for these next few weeks are to get on top of all the housework before the next round of house guests arrive at Christmas. My sister and her family will celebrate with us and I'm excited about their visit. In the meantime, I will try to get my head out of the clouds and stop pondering the state of man and the universe. Admittedly, that chews up more time than anything. Evidently God has already answered all that and put the entire thing in order and we'll celebrate that very fact with the birth of our Savior in a few short weeks. What a relief to know I can rest with that assurance. There is where we find true rest and peace and tranquility. There was another place I found a bit of quiet time and tranquility, just when I probably needed it most. It was during the time it took to drive to the supermarket to exchange the turkey breast. That thirty minutes in the car, all alone on an empty highway, (because everyone else in Botetourt was home having their turkey), was actually quite peaceful. Lemonade out of lemons. Peace during chaos.

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  1. I'm glad you had that 30 minutes - it sounds like perfect, calming time. I'll bet your dinner was glorious!

    Blessed assurance - that hymn floated through my mind just now when I read "rest with that assurance" - yes, that's it. (Note - when my mother died, rather unexpectedly, her pastor asked what her favorite hymn was. We looked at each other - we didn't really know. And then I remembered her standing at the sink in her kitchen once, looking out of the window and singing "...this is my story, this is my song..." and we knew that was it. We sang that at her funeral. It will always be special to me because of that.)

    Suggestion - could you get a cleaning person, at least once a month? That's what I do. It's not really in my budget, but I have lovely Allyson in to clean once a month - she's awesome, it's what she does and she excels at it. She sent a text message in October, asking me if I had any silver polish - she had wanted to surprise me and polish my tarnished silver service, but wanted to make sure she used the product I wanted. She was recommended by my friend Barbara - I am so grateful - I thank her all the time for the gift of Allyson. $60 once a month - well spent.

    And finally - I had an unhappy experience with an employee at the drug store last night and was so put out about it that I was planning to lodge a complaint today, but after reading your lovely, peaceful post, I have decided to let it go. Thanks, Lee.