Monday, February 8, 2016

Where the Wild Things Are: At Nonni's

     Nonni (that would be me) is still recovering from having her hands (and lap) full last weekend. It was wonderful to have Claire's three children here for the weekend while she and Daniel had a little getaway. I'm very glad we could do this favor for them. Here are a few highlights in words and pictures:

All three children love to have books read to them. I'm glad because I enjoy sharing a book with them just as much. Still in our robes and pajamas, we read, "Where the Wild Things Are".

Mari's Grandma Hoffman picked her up to take her and her cousins to a play of Rapunzel at our local theater. The girls decided to dress up for the play. Here Mari wears a flower girl dress that her mother wore when she was five years old. Tess played Beauty Shop with Mari and braided her hair, polished her nails, and helped her dress. As is true with most little girls, "more is better" and Mari added butterfly pins to her sash, a hairband, multiple bracelets, and both tights and ruffled purple socks beneath. Tess talked her out of wearing all the barrettes. Jack wanted in on the game so Tess painted his finger and toenails, too.

Matthew at fifteen months really enjoyed playing in Pop's chair. I think it was because he could get in and out of it easily all by himself. He was happy to sit with me visit with my mom, his Great Grandma! He spent some precious time getting to know her by reaching out and touching her nose and lips and chin. I could tell she was smiling with amusement inside. The little guy spent much of the weekend on my hip or lap. I'm okay with constant cuddles but it reminded me how hardworking parents of little ones are.

Play-Do was definitely a favorite pastime. I remember when my daughters were little, I got on their cases to not blend the colors of dough together. With the grandchildren I say blend and mush away! I wish I hadn't been so uptight back then. (Steve would say I'm still uptight, but I know for a fact that I've mellowed considerably compared to how I was before.)
Later that evening, Jack became very excited when he saw his family's Christmas card on the bulletin board. It was a photo of his family and he kept exclaiming, "It's Mommy and Daddy! Look! Look! It's Mommy. And Daddy!". It just about broke my heart. We took it down from the board and he slept with it on his pillow that night. He is a loving little boy, for sure.

Coloring, drawing, and crafts are also a big favorite with the children. (As are eating ice cream, cupcakes, and cookies.) When it comes to hearts, again "more is better". Mari was very happy to make an elaborate Valentine for her family.
By Sunday evening, Claire and Daniel arrived and everyone was reunited. We watched the Superbowl game, shared stories of the weekend, and I sat with my feet up enjoying one of my favorite drinks, a Moscow Mule.


  1. Such a great Nonni you are. Happy moments for sure.

  2. What a delightful time! I'm so glad your mom could be in on it, too. And Mari looks so beautiful in that photo - so fun that they dressed up.

  3. A very sweet recap of your grandchildren's stay with Nonni and Pop.

  4. lovely grandkidlets to be sure. you're all very blessed