Tuesday, December 29, 2015

No Snow Here, Just Beautiful Sunsets

    It was surprisingly beautiful today, sunny, mild again, and pretty. I enjoyed my walk with Henri so much that I came to the realization, for the first time in my life, that a winter with warm temperatures and no snow would be alright with me. I immediately tried to banish such a dreadful thought from my mind because thinking such a thing must mean I'm getting old and soft. But it was so pretty today and it was so nice to walk with my jacket unzipped, how could I not enjoy it? And then we had this sunset right around 5:00 pm. What is not to embrace about this day?!
     As I rounded the back of the house, I saw Mari's artistry near the basement stairs. There had been lichen and moss on it as well, but those must have blown away. I like the things that she leaves behind to remind me of her. I can still see her bending over this and working intently on her creation.

     We tell ourselves the days are beginning to get longer again, but it's still dark so early. By late afternoon I methodically go through the rooms and turn on all the lamps and candle lights. It makes the house feel cozy with a warm, golden glow. Anything to banish the darkness until spring arrives.


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  1. It's so beautiful where you live - it makes me think of the farm Christmas I just had. Sunsets with no power lines in the way. Just lovely.

    And I love that you found Mari's artwork like that. A beautiful moment.