Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In the Quiet After Everyone Has Left

Youngest comes to say hello to oldest.
     As quickly as they came, they are gone. It was a perfect week. The weather was gentle with warm, sunny days and a bright, full moon at night. The daughters and their families injected life and fanfare into the house. There was much coming and going, games, hikes by day and walks under the moon at night. They played the piano, chased the grandchildren, stoked the bonfire, gathered and split a winter supply of firewood, and cooked for us. We attended a baby shower for Chelsea, ran to the supermarket too many times, and Claire and Daniel hiked MacAfee's Knob with baby Matthew. (That's the Knob in my header photo.) We feasted on Thanksgiving day and three days afterward. The best part of all was simply having this time together to visit, talk, and share plans for the future.
     Inevitably, Sunday morning came and the last children departed. I allowed myself a few tears at the window. It was too wonderful a week to have it end with tears and I'd much rather remember it with a smile. I walked around the house and found items accidentally left behind- a child's toy, a sock, a dryer full of laundry that was not my own! Yes, it was a crazy, busy week. We'll see one another again, as often as we are able. Steve and I went out for a few hours while Tess stayed with my mom. This diversion from the too-quiet house helped a lot.
     The first day back to the Monday routine was drenched in clouds and rain. How apropos to have daybreak greet us with cold and dreariness. I had plenty of time to think while I did laundry and washed the floors. My car is out of commission for a couple of days, so I will take down "Fall" and prepare for "Winter". After all, Christmas is coming!


  1. What a wonderful time. And I didn't know that Chelsea is pregnant - congratulations!

    My brother-in-law left his pants at my place, so I took them to the UPS store on Monday to send them to him near Front Royal, Virginia. The woman behind the counter burst out laughing when I said what they were - that kind of mailing had happened all day.

  2. congratulations on the newest addition. lucky child~

  3. congratulations on the newest addition. lucky child~

  4. Sounds like your Thanksgiving with famiky was a wonderful week long celebration and the memories will last for a long time, Lee. We also cherished the time spent with my fMily members who we won't see at Christmas.