Friday, October 2, 2015

Still Raining...

Glass pitcher filled with water
     Well, we're in a holding pattern with this rain. It switched yesterday from a balmy rain to a cold, windy rain. The house was so cold and damp this morning that I turned on the heat. I was particularly thinking of my mom who is cold all the time. We've had warnings from the local emergency services about flooding and power outages, so I filled up every container I could find with water. Steve was away again this week and without him it's tough for me to get the generator running. Without power we lose our well. No well=no water in the house=no toilet flushing. Not a pretty thing. Tess laughed when she saw I even filled the cookie jar with water. I wasn't taking any chances. By the way, Tess impressed me last week when we lost power. She was able to get ready and make it to her morning classes without running water or electricity and she still looked pretty. How many girls can do that?
     This weekend we're gearing up for my sister's arrival. She's coming to see mom for two weeks. We have some fun little outings planned and I know it will be a good time for everyone. At the least, I hope to drive us up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway for a picnic. The sunshine is forecast to return along with milder temperatures. It will most certainly be a celebratory event!     

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  1. I hope you are enjoying your sister's visit and that you didn't have to resort to using that collected water. Good move, that. That's neat that you are so near the Blue Ridge Parkway - I've driven most of that at some point - it's so beautiful.