Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Remnants in the Garden

 The garden continues to produce, albeit in a rather ugly, end-of-season fashion. The regular tomato plants succumbed early to the blight and I tossed those stalks already. But, the Cherry 100 tomatoes keep right on giving. These die hard zucchini monsters won't give up either. They've turned tough along the bottom, creating a hideous stalk, yet continue to thrive at the other end.

 While I was picking the Cherry 100's today, I noticed an entirely new zucchini plant at the base of the original stalk. I believe if this plant were given the luxury of extended light and warm days, it would produce forever!

We have four of these zucchini plants and they are still each producing a zucchini per week. Tonight we enjoyed another batch of Turkish Zucchini Fritters. I also walked a gift of zucchini and tomatoes over to the neighbors. I should think we would all be tired of zucchini, but it hasn't happened yet. We'll even mourn for more of them come winter.


  1. That zucchini flower is pretty. I came upon a farmers market in Murphy, NC last Saturday and they all had cherry tomatoes still, too. Love them and bought some.

    And I wonder what Chelsea thinks of that film A Walk in the Woods? I hear it doesn't live up to the book, but I was thinking of seeing it for the scenery.

    1. She plans to see it, Lynn. She said some of the scenes are not on the AT and they must have filmed some of them elsewhere. It may not follow the book in detail, but it still looks entertaining!