Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Perseid Meteor Shower

It was one of those nights where I tossed and turned, unable to sleep. I finally got out of bed and crept over to the open window. Now that our bedroom is on the second floor, I'll sit on the floor at the open window and listen to the night sounds when I cannot sleep. There's often a dog barking somewhere off in the distance. I also hear an owl almost every night and sometimes a fox or coyote. This night was cool and clear and the abundance of stars caught all my attention. Suddenly, a beautiful green trailing meteor swept down from the sky on the northern horizon. A few seconds later, another bright white meteor flashed in a different corner of the sky. The night sky was a much better attraction than the bed which felt like my enemy so I decided to go outside and put myself right under that starry sky. I went to the basement and got out two beach chairs and brought them outside, placing them to face the northern sky. Steve was still awake  out on the back porch, so I invited him to come to the other side of the house where it was darker and where the stars shone brighter. We settled into our chairs and every minute or so, we'd see a brilliant flash streaking across the sky. The chilly night felt refreshing after the long, hot spell we had just experienced. I decided to go inside to get my robe and I met Tess coming out the door. She couldn't sleep either and she was coming out to see what the rustling sounds were all about. I grabbed a towel for her to sit on and heading back out the door I met  Henri who had become interested in all the midnight activity. I put him on his leash and the sleepy little man joined us on the lawn. We all sat with our faces turned upward (except for Henri- he dozed) and every little while another meteor shot across a portion of sky. There was no telling which direction it would come from or which direction it would go. I didn't expect this; I thought all the meteors would fall in the same direction. But, no, they fell every which way. Most were white, but a few appeared green. Even when no meteors were streaking down, the stars and the Milky Way were beautiful to sit under. I tried to focus my eyes really hard to take in the entire depth of the stars but it was impossible to grasp. How can one not see God's fingerprint all over this universe? I kept wishing I could see the entire circle of sky all at the same time because I was sure I was missing a meteor in whichever direction I wasn't looking. Steve was the first to go inside. Tess, Henri and I stayed a while longer. I would say to myself, "Just one more and then I'll go in." It was hard to turn away from that sky and go inside to be enclosed by walls and ceiling. While I lay in bed, I imagined my ceiling was made of glass and I could still see the stars falling. With that vision, I fell asleep and it was a good sleep.

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  1. So glad you got to see it! I stayed up but didn't catch any, too much light around me. Beautiful write up as usual.