Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Newest Neighbors

     Meet our new neighbors, the Katahdins. Neighbor W. recently added a flock of Katahdin sheep to his field in order to better train his shepherding dog, Patten. Named after Mount Katahdin in Maine, he chose this breed because they do not produce wool. For his purposes, sheep shearing would have been an extra commitment for which he had no need. I can see them on the hill from our porch and I like to watch their movements especially when they run, pell mell down the hill in a tight little flock.
     Audrey and Jared came for a visit this afternoon. After peach pie and ice cream, we walked next door to see the new sheep. Both Patten and the sheep are 'green' as they say, and both have things to learn about the art of shepherding. It was interesting to see Patten in action with his sharp turns and quick-as-a-flash, inborn herding abilities. It was also interesting to see the dominant ewe turn and defend her friends against the dog. Neighbor W. invited us back in a month to see how Patten and the Katahdins have progressed.

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