Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Humpback Bridge

     There are still new treasures around every corner in this and neighboring counties. B. took me to Humpback Bridge in Allegheny County today. Built in 1857, it's a beautiful, old landmark and a perfect picnic spot for the family. A swift, but shallow, creek with a pebbled bottom makes a great place for children to play and there is a grassy picnic area within arms reach. When you walk inside the bridge you are transported back in time by that wonderful, old wood smell that only antiquities can emanate. The post and beam construction and huge beams that were used to construct the bridge are a testament to that rare combination of beauty and functionality. Even though it was a drizzly day, B. packed a light picnic that was delicious.
     Thanks again to Tess, who minded the fort while I went out. Mom was happy to make pudding when I returned. She received her first letter in the mail from a nephew (Her nephew is eighty-two!) and the day ended fairly well. She told me at dinner that she needs to write a letter to another nephew. I believe we've stumbled upon a hobby she enjoys with this letter-writing. She dictates them to me and I take care of the rest. : )



  1. What a nice excursion! And such a beautiful place - you live in a gorgeous area.

    LOVE that LOVE artwork!

  2. Good for you that you made the time for an outing away from home. Hopefully,mit refreshed your spirit too.