Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Odds and Ends of a Wonderful Week

     I have SO enjoyed this week off! It rained a little every day, but I stole some time to work outside in between rain spells. Our daffodils finally emerged and the entire fence line is dotted with cheery, yellow blooms. I can't bear to cut them, but I did pluck one to bring inside to set on the windowsill. When I opened the window behind it, the breeze carried its scent across the sink to me while I washed dishes.
     Steve had to work every day this week so we met in the evenings and enjoyed a dinner, some shopping, and a movie. (But not all on the same night.) One evening we shopped for my belated birthday gift. It was still early when we got home so Steve started the lawnmower for the first time this season and I went merrily on my way, mowing the yard. As I drove off, he wished me a Happy Birthday, referring to the gift we bought. Maybe it was the heady scent of freshly cut grass, or maybe it was the successive string of days off, but I called back to him, "Every day is a birthday gift!"
     I came away from Goodwill with this sweet demitasse cup today. I spotted it's diminutive form on the shelf and excitedly picked it up. It's made of silky bone china with a perfect lip on it. What I like most is its balance and the weight of it in hand. The cup nestles into the saucer and it makes me happy just to hold it. When I saw the little honey bee on the bottom, I was smitten. I paid $0.40 and I feel like I won a prize. I may be drinking espresso more often now. Or! I can try it with the coffee bourbon we bought in Kentucky, heated and served in my little cup with heavy cream on top. As we are wont to do in our household, we excitedly share our good finds with each other in a celebratory way. I couldn't wait to show Steve and Tess my little cup and they shared in my happiness. In researching the brand, I found three more cups and saucers on ebay. Needless to say, we will soon have a set for all to share. I'll happily say goodbye to the clunky espresso cups we currently use. They belong to Fred Flintstone.

     Suddenly, the world is green and blooming everywhere! With each turn of the corner- a view, a scent, even a memory of a prior spring pops up. It will never grow old because it ends and is reborn again next year, to our constant delight. I tore open a piece of Easter candy this week, I think it was a Russell Stover coconut cream egg, and before I ate it I closed my eyes and inhaled it's good, chocolaty smell. It smells like Easter, I thought. Have you ever noticed how each holiday's candy smells unique? If I smelled this very same candy egg at Christmastime, it would still smell like Easter candy. And Halloween candy smells like...Halloween. I like the smell of Easter candy the best of all.
     I can't forget the image of the Tom turkey I saw in a field this week. He was all puffed up in full regalia, looking every bit like a Thanksgiving salt shaker. I have only ever seen pictures (or salt shakers) of a turkey all feathered out like that and what an impressive sight he made! I hope I wasn't the only girl taking notice of him. Surely there must have been a female nearby for him to go to all that effort.
     I've been reading some, just a little each day. Right now I'm reading, "All the Light We Cannot See" I'm only a few chapters in, but I like it a lot so far. It took a very long time for it to become available at the library; it was on my request list for months. I'll take it along with me on my visit to Claire's. I'll have a more time to read in the wee hours of morning while everyone else is sleeping. : )


  1. I'm so glad you had a lovely week. When I saw the pic of the cup and saucer, I thought "Look how nicely that cup sits in the saucer." Lovely that you found it at the Goodwill store and gave it a proper home. Makes we wonder how it got separated from its friends? I'm glad you are adding to the collection.

  2. the cups look sleek and elegant, nice find