Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Is Pinterest Fun or What?! I thought to myself, why take up an entire raised bed with herbs when I could have them at the back doorstep, right at my fingertips? I already had terracotta pots of various shapes and sizes piled out back and I had the herbs waiting to be planted. When I saw this idea, I was all in! The only caveat being that the herbs will need to be pinched back regularly. This shouldn't be a problem since they'll be in constant use in the kitchen, right? Below is my version which I planted today. I think Martha's pots were bigger. But then again, everything Martha does is bigger.

To put these wonderful herbs to use, here is a delicious Tomato Basil Soup recipe that I made for dinner tonight. It uses fresh basil and oregano and it's super easy to make. We had toasted Italian bread with melted cheese as a side. If you've pinched back more herbs than you can use right away, they'll keep in a jar or vase of cool water for several days. I like to place them on the windowsill.

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