Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gathering and Piling and Everything in Between

I had to bring the stash indoors one night when the temperatures went way down.
 In dreaming of a verdant garden, I've begun collecting plants for this year's growing season. I have a little stash accumulating against the foundation where it will be sheltered on a frosty night. Basil, tomatoes, geraniums, lavender, and rosemary happily huddle together until planting day, which won't be for another two or three weeks. I've also stowed seed packets in a kitchen crock. Spring is arriving slowly this year, which suits me just fine. I love these sixty degree days which are stretched out indefinitely.
     I began some serious garden work yesterday when (finally!) all the stars aligned to provide a dry day along with a few hours of free time. I retrieved the garden cart and loaded it with the blackberry prunings from two weeks ago. When I went to the woods to dump it for compost, lo and behold there were the two rhubarb plants I threw away last summer, merrily thriving away. If I had wanted those rhubarb plants to thrive in the garden, they would have defied me and died. Because I put them out to die, they lived. A lesson in gardening; entropy reigns supreme.
     For the rest of the afternoon, I knelt or sat on the ground and weeded various beds. Exposed to the sun and wind and in the company of birds and worms, it was satisfying work. The asparagus is up and we roasted our first harvest of the year for Steve's birthday dinner tonight. His cake of choice is a Boston Cream Pie. It's like an eclair in cake form and wonderfully delicious!

Usually I bake one layer of cake and slice it in half for the filling. This time I tried out two layers of cake.  I thought it was a little too much cake so I'll go back to the one layer next time.
     I was surprised to arrive at work today and find my desk covered with flowers, gift bags and cards. I was confused as to what the occasion could be until someone said it was "Administrative Assistants Day" ("Secretary's Day") Ha! That's me! I was blown away by the attention from the amazing staff at our school. Among the gifts were the tulips and daffodils in the photo above, homemade bread and homegrown honey from one of the teachers, and a breakfast of fresh fruit and muffins from the PTA. There were also gift cards and a pretty pink hanging flower basket. All this just for doing my job. Amazing.
     After work, B. and I took Steve's truck and went to Greenbrier Nursery to buy each of us a Magnolia tree.  I had never seen a Magnolia tree until we moved to the south. I never thought much of them, but over time I have come to admire them. They can grow into huge, stately trees and we have plenty of room for that so, I am excited to plant this baby and watch it grow. 
     There is so much more going on with Tess' graduation next month, her senior recital, a wedding to attend, and more ironing than will fit in the basket. Other than cooking a couple of meals to share, this weekend is free and clear for me to catch up on all the little "piles" around the house. Piles of paperwork, piles of laundry and ironing, and piles of compost to turn. Here's to a fresh start come Monday!

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  1. What a lovely surprise - being remembered for Admin professionals day. That's nice - and I'm sure it's because you are you.

    I got a few plants this weekend, too - got a few planted already - much more to do...