Thursday, April 30, 2015

Take a Walk With Me!

Walking up the hill behind the house, I turn back to look out over all the bright green colors of spring!
Sun and shadow plays on the mountains beyond the vineyard. The rain is holding off for just a while.

Zooming in with the camera reveals green leaves sprouting on the grape vines.

Across the dirt road, in the empty barnyard, there is a big old tree. The bracket fungi around its base looks like lace. I like the bit of rusty, old, wire fencing there at the bottom.

Further along the road, in the field behind the Christmas tree farm, is this handsome guy! There is a turkey hen nearby. This is only the second time that I've ever seen a Tom turkey all feathered out like this. The first time being just a week or so back. I zoomed in as close as I could and cropped the photo just enough before it started blurring.

Back in the yard, what walk would be complete without the obligatory 'butterfly on a lilac' shot.


  1. I'm playing blog catch up (I was away from home for a few days.) So I just pretended to be on a real walk with you while I munch on my Jersey Mike's sub. :) Just lovely - it feels like a real visit.

    You live in such a magical place! Love the butterfly on the lilac bush especially.

  2. I just love the first photo in your post. I instantly smiled.