Friday, April 17, 2015

A Weekend at Home

     Just when I think, "Enough!" I can't bear the beauty of all this flowering, bee-buzzing, and heady aroma that is overwhelming my senses... the lilacs bloom!
     Another rainy week finally cleared out on Friday. Our first order of the weekend was to go down to the barn and see Audrey's new family member. His name is Seth and he is a seven year old Thoroughbred. I guess his sweet demeanor and friendly personality caused him to not win any of the six races he was entered into. His lineage includes Man-O-War and some other highly regarded racehorses, but Seth doesn't have the "heart" as they call it, to race. So up for sale he went, to be found by Audrey. Lucky her and lucky him.

This is the view from the window of his stall at his new digs.

Audrey and Seth
     We anticipated with great eagerness the beautiful day that was in store for Saturday. We had to be out in the morning, but we spent the afternoon at home with me cooking a little and Steve installing the window screens back in. We opened almost every window to this perfect day. During his chore, Steve walked in holding out a small bouquet of lilacs to me. I thought, how sweet to bring me flowers! Steve confessed that they were touching the house, so he was actually killing two birds with one stone by getting them off the house, thereby bringing me flowers.
     Claire and her family are all here for the weekend and we had baby-cuddle time and the joy of hugging the grandchildren after only seeing them last weekend. This is where the notorious "Footprints on the Hutch" act occurred. Suffice it to say a two year old climbed up onto the mountainous hutch in search of candy, which there was none. He was righteously outraged. This is also the weekend that Mari and I gazed at the pink sunrise and she related to me the story of the pink sky she saw with Aunt Chelsea at the ocean, and the candy they saw being made. This memory is from an event that took place last August in Maine and Mari was three years old. It left an indelible mark on her, that pink sky, Aunt Chelsea, and taffy being made in the window at Goldenrod Kisses.
     Friends joined us this evening for a simple meal of Pasta Fagioli, grilled Italian sausage, L.'s rosemary bread, a salad, and a couple of bottles of nice wine. Dessert and night caps followed on the porch. It was the perfect way to usher in the spring and summer season with our laughter (and friendly disagreements) echoing out into the night. If this, the bonds of family and friends and good simple meals, is how I might spend my days, then I want for nothing.

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  1. I'll bet your Pasta Fagioli is delicious. I've only had it at The Olive Garden! Where former coworker Alvin used to ask for it as "Pasta Fa-julie" - although I guess that's close enough. I ramble.

    How nice to have all the chickadees around you for the weekend - so funny about the fruitless candy search!

    Lovely horse - Seth. A nice addition to the family!

    I am loving spring, too.