Saturday, March 7, 2015

North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Louisville, KY

     We were only away for two days but, when we arrived back home last night it felt like we'd been gone for weeks. The drive across West Virginia and Kentucky was strikingly beautiful with the snow cover. Kentucky had a record  breaking seventeen inches of snow the day before we arrived and it still clung to trees and branches. We followed the sunset on Friday evening with the sun looking larger and more fiery than usual. Eventually it slipped below the tree line, casting a pale purple and orange glow over the white fields. We snapped so many landscape pictures from the car and played with the Waterlogue app that there was never a dull moment during the entire drive.
     The next morning we drove to the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville for the NAHBS. It was great to lay eyes on Chad and give him a hug after not seeing him since last April. His bicycle was on display and we talked and visited with him and his business partner, Bryce before walking around the rest of the convention.

     For bicycle lovers, this was paradise. I was overwhelmed with the content and variety at the show. It was crowded with enthusiasts talking shop and making business connections.
Wood Bicycles
Bicycles with a purpose
Detail on The Samurai, a bicycle that costs over $12,000.
You could have your feet molded for special cycling shoes.
Or, you could have your body and bike computer analyzed for efficiency.

For us, this was the highlight of the show; Chad won Best New Builder of the Year. We are so proud of him! We know how hard he worked and sacrificed to make this happen and of his passion for frame building and cycling. To see the detail on his bike, go to Love Baum Bicycles. A photographer took beautiful photos of their bikes which they've posted there. 


  1. I so admire that - and he looks so happy! I'm glad you all could go to this fun convention!