Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Review of Tizzone

     B. invited me to join some friends to try out a new place in Daleville called, Tizzone. They specialize in wood fired pizza and boast an extensive wine bar. The design of the interior is trendy with sleek use of stone and polished wood. The wine bottles are showcased in glass front storage and lighted from behind, looking very pretty as you walk by. They have both a bar and ample seating at tables and open booths. Although the setting is what I call trendy, most of the patrons on this Wednesday night were my age or older with the exception of a birthday party of young women. It was comfortable with a nice ambiance and perfect lighting.
     The five of us decided to order a group of things so we could all taste a variety of items. We orders the Charcuterie Platter and the Cheese Platter for starters. Everything was excellent including the bread, olives and fig spread. Our next course was three wood fired pizzas, smallish in size and cut into six pieces each. The Athena with pesto, artichoke hearts, and spinach was my favorite. We also had the Athena and Margherita. One of the owners came to our table to welcome us and offered free dessert since one of his waitresses is the daughter of a lady in our group. So as not to appear ungrateful (ha,ha) we ordered Chocolate Gelato and Tiramisu. Both were excellent and nicely portioned.
     I'm happy that Daleville is growing into a little destination for us country folk. The commercialization of the former apple orchard and farmland was difficult to witness when they broke ground a few years ago. I preferred things to stay as they were and for the countryside to be left alone. But I see the vision of the townspeople and developers. On the plus side, the development is taking place within a small area and is (at this point) not being allowed to spread past a certain boundary. I am happy to shop and dine locally and will shop the Farmer's Market located there in the summer. All-in-all, it's working out well for our community, in my opinion. And those wood fired pizzas and that glass of Moscato were pretty good!


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  1. That sounds like a delightful evening! The food sounds wonderful, as well as the company.

    Sounds as if Daleville is being steadily developed. I'm glad they have good places to eat like that.