Sunday, February 22, 2015

Time to Say Goodbye

     We shall dig ourselves out and proceed as planned. This is the day when the girls and their families must inevitably leave. Steve got busy with the snow blower and the young men got busy with shovels. Everyone except Steve snatched playtime in between. Mari revisited her fort and built a snowman with her dad, we sledded down the little hills in our yard, and the bigger kids had a friendly snowball fight. Claire and I took turns with baby Matthew in the house. No one wanted this weekend to end, but there were new adventures to be had and everyday life to be lived. Right up until the last goodbye, the children, young and old, played. Even after Claire had her entire family loaded in their car, she grabbed a sled and said, "Just one more time down the hill." And off she ran to make one last sledding run.

 Digging a path for Henri. Claire was cracking up over her father's attire. She took a whole bunch of pictures of him. : )
Jack is stranded...    

...and rescued by Aunt Chelsea

 Snowball fight!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Soon it was very, very quiet and we were alone.


  1. A delightful time, looks like. Love that he is gazing at the balloon with such delight.

    Alone, but you know they'll be back.

  2. Fun to see the snow in VA, but leaving the VA eastern shore we did get to miss it there and found lots more in NH. Looks like everyone had fun!