Saturday, January 31, 2015

Warm Springs on Ice

1. On the road at 10:00am with skates, boots, scarf, gloves, layers of clothing, coffee and Kahlua. I also have a lot of determination and a little bit of fear. My goal is to not get hurt.
2. John drove us to Warm Springs via the scenic route, past rolling farmland and manicured estates. The sky was clear and blue and there was little to no wind; temperatures would be around 30° F. Perfect! Our final destination was The Homestead Resort where they have an outdoor skating rink.
3. It took about an hour to loosen up tense muscles and stiff ankles. After that, we were all about exploring our very rusty abilities and having fun.
3. "Hey B.! Watch this!" Whomp! I was about to show B. how I could go fast and then turn. Instead I fell at her feet. I rolled to my back, laughing as hard as I fell.
3a. We all had our turns falling, but thankfully we weren't hurt. It even served to embolden us a little, knowing that a fall wasn't necessarily the end of the world.

Omni Resort file photo
Our day wasn't as snowy as the file photo, but it was still a gorgeous place to be.

There's me and B.
Another file photo showing the layout looking down from the hotel. The ice rink is to the left and the heated pool to the right. There were just as many people swimming as skating today.


  1. How fun that you and B got to do that. You are my kind of girls - coffee and kahlua. :) Glad you had fun - sounds so much fun!

  2. Beautiful. Reminds me of Sun Valley, Idaho and its beautiful outdoor rink at the historic hotel there. But brrrrr....looks very cold to this Phoenix girl!

  3. I didn't know they had an ice rink up there. That is very cool. Glad you got to enjoy that!