Thursday, January 22, 2015

Starting the Day with Pink, Alan Parsons Project, I thought He Was Going to Say Troutville, In the Bucket

1. So many pink sunrises greet me these winter mornings. I paused on the stoop to appreciate the sky for a bit this morning before I proceeded on my way.
2. One of many albums we listened to on our drive home last weekend was the Alan Parsons Project, I Robot. I played the album again tonight while I cleaned up the kitchen.

3. A boy at school stood in front of my desk and studied my name tag. With his finger on his chin and his eyebrows furrowed, he tried to decipher my name. Then he said, "Are you from........(long pause while he thought and thought).......Canada?" Ha,ha! His young mind thought with a name like mine I must be from somewhere far away. Yes, pretty exotic place, that Canada. About as exotic as New York. : )
4. It seems I have a friend who prompts me to make my bucket list wishes come true. We'll be ice skating outdoors in the mountains next week if the weather is right. My fingers are crossed for winter to hold tight a little longer!

"Where do we go from here now that all of the children are growing up."


  1. Ha! Love the mystery that Canada holds for so many.

    When I was in my early 30s, I had to have gum surgery (of all things) which involved a skin graft. They deadened me up and suggested I close my eyes and listen to music. Back then - CDs were a newish thing and they let me choose one to listen to with headphones. They said, "Our patients are normally not as young as you, so our youthful music choices are slim." I chose The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot. I think of that experience every time I hear any of the music from that CD.

    1. Oh dear! I'm sorry to remind you of unpleasant things,Lynn!