Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy 28th!, Not Bad, Take Some

There's that Maine sky again!
1. On a cold winter's night, when darkness comes early, Daughter #2 was born. Morning brought a sky as clear as glass; the bluest, winter sky I've ever seen. It was so cold in Maine that day that it seemed the air could shatter at the touch of a fingertip. Welcome to the world Chelsea! It shall be an adventure...
2. Stupid, stupid wardrobe emergencies are becoming too frequent. I have a bad attitude about shopping. Department store clothing is going down the tubes as evidenced by the pretty top I bought for a wedding this weekend which shrunk and became misshapen after the first wash. I now have one day to find something else to wear. All this to preface the relief I felt when I found one dress that fits! Anyone passing my dressing room would have heard mostly, "Oh jeez." Until finally a surprised, "Hmm?"
2a. The secret to every girl's wardrobe, Spanx. Spanx is like sausage casing.
3. Sending #4's boyfriend off with a baggie of his favorite cookies.


  1. Happy birthday Chelsea!
    Oh I am not fond of any shops change room mirrors!

  2. Awww - happy birthday to Chelsea!

    That's why I mostly do Chicos and make it mail order. :)