Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting Johnny Safely Home, Company, Weekend Plans

1. School made a last minute decision to dismiss two hours early because of bad weather. If you want to see a routine, quiet office go into overdrive in 3 seconds flat, just announce a school closing. The nurse and the librarian had to come up and help, that's how crazy it was. I do enjoy a challenge every now and then.
2. It was a nice surprise to find Chelsea at the house when I got home. Since the weather had turned, she spent the night.
3. I have a stack of books to read, a painting project, and a sewing project to finish. I've been looking forward to this weekend.

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  1. I stayed in all day on Saturday - recovering from a minor medical procedure - and thought I would read all day, but somehow it flew by. I'd be interested in hearing what you are reading. My book club is reading The Goldfinch for our February 22 meeting. I better get on it. :)