Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Food Cravings, Warming, A Stone in my Shoe (or Wheel)

1. Winter is a great time to experiment with recipes and fuel our fruit and vegetable-craving bodies. I am thankful to have friends and daughters who also like to cook. We email recipe ideas back and forth with some titles followed by exclamation points about how good it was. Tonight's meal was very satisfying and super easy in the crockpot. I used Anduille smoked sausage and it was perfect. Southern Slow Cooker Choucroute (!!!)
2. I hugged the hot water bottle for warmth this evening.
3. The stone that rattled around in my wheel for the last 800 miles finally is gone. After I went to all the trouble of naming it Rocky and Steve pulling off the wheel looking for it, it up and left on its own accord. Good riddance. Silly topic, but you can't imagine how bothersome it was, especially when it stuck between metal parts and screeched like a wounded animal.


  1. I love recipe sharing - as you know. :) That one looks good - I haven't seen anything like that.

    And I love that you named that rock!