Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bakery at Home, Conversation, The Fire Smells Good

1. More good food ideas as I sadly suffer separation anxiety from my beloved bakery in New York. In an effort to imitate something almondy to accompany a hot cup of coffee, I baked these Almond Scones. They're just like the bakery! I ate two. So did Tess. The secret lies in freezing, then grating the almond paste. I feel the coarse sugar and almond slices are a must as well. It all has to do with the finish and texture of each bite.
2. I nice cuppa and visit with B. (She liked the scones, too)
3. Steve keeps the wood stove burning in the basement. Whenever one of us feels a little chilled, we go down and sit near the fire, maybe roast a marshmallow or two, then resurface upstairs.


  1. There is something really special about the smell of wood heat but coupled with a roasted marshmallow it's heavenly

  2. Yum on the scones! And now I want a toasted marshmallow. :)