Sunday, January 4, 2015

Acclimating to Real Life, The Garden Still Produces, A Change

1. After the rush of the holidays followed by being away all week, I needed the weekend to decompress. Our tree is still up, that's how decompressed I am. It still looks beautiful and we're all happy, so I mostly sat and read a book.

 2. Here is the start of something wonderful. I was surprised to find the sage still thriving in the garden!

3. The wind kicked up and I saw a strong band of clouds extending from one horizon to the other. I felt very small standing under those powerful clouds while they slowly churned above me.
3a. After the sky cleared, I looked out and saw a full, silvery moon.


  1. That cloud photo is something else. Great shot.

  2. The cloud photo is amazing! And now I want to know what the recipe was. Stuffing?