Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Much- Needed Laugh, Life in the North, Fresh and Fruity

"Doesn't everyone wear goggles and a winter coat while making popcorn?"
1. A photo of granddaughter Marian with her mother's caption, above. The seemingly goofiness of a child's imagination should never be underestimated. Comments were as follows:

- Never know how high those kernels will pop.
- I cannot stop laughing... !! 
- Hey, those kernels can shoot outa that thing like tiny missals! Smart girl! Taking precautions!  
- A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do
- She's actually cooking meth.
- She's safety-minded!  
- Still laughing... : )

2. Chelsea phoned and we had a nice, long talk. She described her ice skating outing in Canada. The park builds up banks along pathways similar to our Greenway here in Roanoke and floods them for winter skating. How fun would that be?! We agree that the way to survive a long, northern winter is to enjoy outdoor activities. If you're properly dressed, you can withstand almost anything.
3. I just had to make another Jello creation. I used lemon Jello this time, loaded it with fruit and nuts for the bottom layer, then whipped a topping using more lemon Jello, cream cheese and Cool Whip. I know some of these ingredients aren't healthy, but they're necessary : )


  1. Adorable! I love children at that age before they get self-conscious. My great nephew Monroe had some rubber boots that someone gave him and he wore them all summer with shorts. :)

    What a great idea that is - the flooding for winter skating. I'll bet that's something to see.

    And I've never been a fan of Jello (reminds me of being in the hospital), but your concoctions sound fun. :)

  2. Ah nice that your girl is visiting Canada! We are a good bunch~ :)