Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Silhouettes, Warm Plastic, The Jackpot

1. These intricate, laser-cut, wood silhouettes were given to me by B. She purchases them directly from the craftsman at the Kriskindlmarkt that is held each fall in Clifton Forge. I got the bright idea to hang them on the lamps so we can enjoy the detail.

2. The warm plastic smell from the hot laminater at school smells just like Christmas. I think it evokes a memory I have from childhood of making wreaths from strips of plastic. We tied dozens of plastic strips to rounded-out wire coat hangers. Bunched together, they formed  fluffy white wreaths. We added shiny red balls and they were hideously pretty. I hope somebody uses the laminatoer again tomorrow.
3. I went to the mall for two small things. I ended up spending two hours there and got a little too warm and too tired. However, one my way out, as I passed Victoria's Secret, I remembered a coupon I had in my purse. It was one of those secret kind that the sales associate has to reveal for you. I figured it would be a 10% discount or something nominal and I would check it and be on my way. It turned out to be for $50.00! It was my lucky day. I did a quick look around and used it to purchase something for someone else.

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