Friday, December 19, 2014

Baking and Giving

1. Packaged up and ready to give; gift wrap transforms the ordinary into something divine. It's only cupcakes and apple butter, but way more fun now.
* The Cooks Nook (and maybe Michael's) sells ingenious cardboard inserts for the cupcake boxes so the cupcakes can't slide around.

2. Lynn gave me the lead on this Red Velvet Cupcake with White Chocolate- Amaretto Frosting recipe last winter. It is a heavenly combination of flavors and worth every minute in the kitchen.

3. Tess' friends ask for these Hermit Bars every year. She takes the whole batch to school and shares them in the cafeteria. I like the box we used for these.
*I omit the candied ginger on top and only use it as called for in the dough.


  1. The cupcakes sound fabulous! We made spinach artichoke dip for Daniel's party and we won the giftcard!

  2. the cupcakes sound divine! thank you for sharing the recipe

  3. I'd like the recipe for those hermit bars - Pepperplate share?

    I showed my sister the new way to eat a cupcake - we laughed while we twisted off the bottom and plopped in on top of the icing like a sandwich. I saw that on some crazy internet round up thing.