Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Love is Not Hearts and Bows, A Little Shopping, Pop's

1. I saw this video over at Sayable where Brene Brown talks about love and forgiveness; real-life topics which both fascinate and overwhelm me.


2. I purchased my first Christmas gifts today. I discovered that two of our daughters desire the same gift and neither is aware of it. How fun is that?!
3. We headed over to Pop's in Grandin. It was a nice day to be out with another day of mild weather.
I ordered an afternoon cup of coffee hoping it would get me over the slump later this evening with the time change. (It did!) They serve the most amazing gluten-free cakes at Pop's. We shared a huge wedge of coconut creme cake.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for that six minutes of peace, Lee. I am overwhelmed with it all sometimes, too, and this puts it in perfect perspective.

    Now I want to know what that gift is! (I have no daughters, but nieces that I buy presents for and am continually stumped. They're always good with gift cards, but that's no fun!)

    The time change is wreaking havoc on my sleeping. I'm fighting to stay awake at 8pm and going to bed too early. Then I wake up too early. On and on.