Monday, November 24, 2014

In Hand, Puzzling, Helping

Flickr photo by Muffet/liz west.
1. I captured a milkweed fairy and brought it inside. It sits under the cloche in company with the peacock feather and bird's nest.
2. Adding pantry items to already full shelves was like solving a puzzle: If I move this there, then I can slide that over... It was also a game of chance: If I stack this on top, will it topple over?
3. A friend emailed to tell me she found boiler and pearl onions somewhere and do I want her to pick some up for me.


  1. My pantry makes me crazy - I'll have to try your more fun method the next time I cram stuff in. :)

  2. i'd love to see your collection of treasures...sounds lovely~