Friday, November 14, 2014

Bambi's Dad, My Love, Dreamland

1. I eased onto the brakes and slowed the car in time for a buck to cross the road. His leap over a barbed wire fence with front legs tucked under a thick chest and his head held high under mighty antlers was majestic. Time slowed for a moment and then he bounded across the road. I thought, "Oh I hope no one shoots this one. This one needs to live."
* With all the gunshots ringing in the woods these days, I'm afraid to even walk the roads. I don't mind hunters. I'm just afraid of those who are careless. I think of the bullet hole in our roof...
2. Tess and I had another fun college visit today with a personal tour of the music department. The recital hall houses a beautiful, Steinway grand piano and when Tess began to play I got goosebumps. The sound was so rich and varied, more beautiful than any other piano I've ever heard. We went on to meet another faculty member downstairs and he called the piano seductive. He was right. We went back upstairs and Tess played it again. We were easily falling in love with a hunk of wood and metal.
2a. One of the practice rooms had a worn baby grand piano that was decades old. Some of the ivory was missing from a key or two and long ago someone painted it white. The music rack had pencil writing on it. It was a little poem to the effect of, "please love me". It was a dear, old piano.
3. Not bothering to fight the sleep that weighted my eyelids heavier and heavier; I gave in and drifted off at the embarrassing, elderly hour of 8:30.


  1. I'm imagining your daughter playing the piano. Lucky you~

  2. That must be wonderful to have a musician around you! What an awesome experience - with both pianos.

    Yes - I know people eat deer meat, but I'm like you - I love seeing them roam free. My sister and her husband give them sanctuary on their farm property and have laid down the law about hunting.