Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby Dear, Insomnia, Dancing and Hunting Bears

1. How much love can our hearts hold? It is infinite and overflowing.
2. To give mom and dad a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep, I took baby downstairs with me at 3am. (My nighttime wakefulness has its upside.) I swaddled him close to my chest and we rocked and dozed for three hours.
2a. I rest my lips on the top of his head. I have so much to say to him.
3. I've noticed that Mari doesn't simply walk, she skips and dances along. She'll obediently hold my hand and the joy in her movement flows up my arm.
3a. Mari, Jack and I watch our shadows as we walk along, holding hands. I can't recall the last time I took an interest in my shadow. I hate this "growing old and serious" stuff.
4. We were digging trenches to capture tigers and crouching in caves to escape from bears. Mari took charge of the flashlight as we three huddled in the coat closet when suddenly an animal scratched on the door! For a moment, our game became more real than the children bargained for. It turned out to be Henri-the-Scnoodle wanting to join us in the closet.


  1. He is wonderful. And what a wonderful grandmother you are.

  2. How wonderful to welcome a new grandchild and to spend time with Matthew in his first days of life, Lee. Congrats to your entire family on this best holiday season "gift."