Tuesday, October 7, 2014

An Elastic Waistband, Company for Dinner, For Now...

1.  You know how a favorite, comfortable outfit just makes your day? I found one of those to wear today. It wasn't a perfect day, but I sure felt good maneuvering through it.
2. Daughter #3 called at 5:30pm. while driving home from work. After some small talk, she asked the leading question, "Are you having dinner tonight?" (You know what this question means.) "Yes, I'm cooking dinner."  I calmly answer. She can't see me peek into the pan of boiling potatoes to check the amount and frantically pull open the freezer door to count how much fish was there. "Can we come over?" she asks. "Of course! That would be great!" I reply, "We have exactly enough." And we do. And I'm truly happy they're coming over.
3. Daughter #2 is making a very long road trip, solo. I know now that a mother is never finished feeling anxious for her children to be safe no matter how grown they are. It is with great relief at the end of the day when I know she has reached her destination safely that I fall soundly asleep.

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  1. My mother always said that about me - I would never stop being her child and that she would always worry. I think that's lovely, that your daughters have you to worry about them.

    And I know what you mean about the outfit. :)