Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weeds to Riches, Chainsaw Weather, Floating Entertainment

1. Tiny pink wildflowers, barely visible in the tall grass we were stomping through, are brought into the house where they adorn the windowsill.
2. The old fruit trees that line the neighbor's lane are dying away. It's sad to see them disappear this way, but they do have one more thing to give us. Steve will cut the sour cherry and the apple into firewood to warm our basement this winter. I can imagine their sweet smell already.
2a. An apple pie spilled over into the oven and the juice burned on the bottom. That good smell  reminds me of the firewood above.
3. I stood absentmindedly watering the shrubs and staring into space when I saw a lone, white, fluffy seed go floating by. It meandered on barely a touch of breeze, up and away, far from where it had come.


  1. Gorgeous post. Love those pink flowers - so glad you noticed them. And I love that you noticed the lone, white, fluffy seed floating away. I wonder where it will wind up?