Monday, October 13, 2014

Subdued, The Office, Bed Time

1. It's a classic, rainy Monday morning. Whatever I imagine the archetypal rainy Monday to be, today was it.
2. Some of the school children are chronically speechless when they come into the office. They walk up to my desk and stare at me with a look of fear in their eyes and expect me to read their minds. I have found that if I just start asking questions, especially easy questions like, "What's your name?" their faces flood with relief. Although, if I ask for their last name, the look of fear returns.
3. I'm sitting on the bed reading bedtime stories to grandchildren Mari and Jack. These are the same beds our girls slept in when they were young and for a moment I am back in time and nothing has changed even a bit!
3a. Jack has learned the art of somersaults. Because of his compact, two-year-old size, he reminds me of a little roly-poly bug. He somersaults around on the floor while I read bedtime stories. He does the same in the bathroom when we brush teeth. It's interesting, going about my business with a little boy rolling around at my feet.

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  1. Kids must associate going to the school office with being in trouble. :)