Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Love..., Left Behind, Still Around

1. There is a Milkweed seed floating by. They are such soft and delicate little structures that I'm compelled catch them and stroke them on my cheek before I send them on their way again.
2. At the back door I notice the imprint of a little mouth on the glass. It definitely belongs to a little child I wonder whose tiny mouth kissed the glass.
3. I'm still amazed by all the blooms going on around here. My Otto Van Luyken laurel is covered in white blooms (and an occasional honey bee), the red begonias that I thought I would dislike, but now love, stand cheery and bright, and our friends have cosmos blooming in their yard. My inner calendar will forever be on New York time so this all continues to be a surprise for me.


  1. My begonias from the spot beside my front door are still cheerfully blooming, too. I didn't do a thing to encourage those blooms either. I think there will be more of those next year.

    Love the kiss on the glass. Lovely.

  2. Mary gave me kisses through the back door. Haha

  3. oh what a joy to find little lip kisses~