Monday, October 20, 2014

Gathering Fall, Choosing Surprises, What's Cooking

1. I was inspired into creativity by the variety of little pumpkins and gourds at Southern States. Later in the day, Henri and I brought home some bittersweet from our walk and added that to the mix. Lastly, I found an old cast iron griddle at the antique shop I like to browse while Tess was at her piano lesson. I put it all together and voila!
1a. The little pumpkins have cute little tendrils on them 
2. I also gathered up little surprises for Tess' birthday tomorrow.
3. I made Slow Cooker Pork Cacciatore for dinner. The pork cooks to tender perfection and falls apart on your fork. It's delicious over pasta.


  1. I like your creation. Very seasonal!

  2. And the big bonus - you can use that griddle for cooking. I always like to think about where things like that have been and the people who used it. Beautiful arrangement!

    I imported that recipe into my Pepperplate recipes. Do you use that? So awesome. My niece Carla got us all started on that - she and my sisters all have ipads and prop them up in the kitchen to view their recipes (it's great for recipe sharing, too). I don't have an ipad, but have it on my regular old PC and imported the app for it to my iPhone. I especially love it because I can stand in the grocery store and look at the ingredients I need.