Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Week That Blew Right By

1. I experimented by planting a second crop of green beans in July and it worked! I'm harvesting green beans this week. This was unheard of in my New York garden.
2. I yanked out the spent tomato vines and left two standing. The bright marigolds and zinnias that were hiding in the jungle are now revealed.
3. Finding a Netflix movie in the mailbox.
4. I sort the forms that parents have returned to school. One question asks if the child has any allergies. One mom checks "Yes" and writes, "Homework and sister."
Another form asks for volunteers. A mom writes, "Yes. As long as the baby doesn't come first." I love these little glimpses into daily lives and I appreciate the humor.
5. When I run over the black walnut hulls with the lawnmower they release a pungent, earthy scent.
6. I swapped sleeveless, linen tops for long sleeved blouses in the storage closet. It's the "changing of the guard".
7. I met up with six ladies for lunch who ranged in age from their thirties through seventies. Everyone had much to talk and laugh about and there was no generation gap at all.


  1. #4 - priceless!

    It's hard to believe summer is almost over - what happened to it???