Sunday, September 28, 2014

Out to Lunch, Typical, Back in the Zone

1. We met up with friends at the Natural Bridge Hotel for lunch. It smells old when you walk in there- the good kind of antique-shop old.
2. The red faced, perspiring lady trying to drag two little goats up the road on a leash asked every smiling driver that drove by, "Did you lose some goats?"
2a. The lady had no idea goats were as stubborn as donkeys. If it wasn't for their pitiful cries, she would have left them to the coyotes. She threatened them as much while they balked their way up the road.
2b. She discovered that these goats chase cars. Putting that knowledge to good use, the lady's daughter drove her car, with flasher lights on, as an escort for the goats (and the lady at the end of the leash). The goats ran after the car forcing the lady to run, too. Now they were getting somewhere!
2c. The lady was relieved when the goat's owner finally drove up. The owner put them in the back seat of her car, leaning in to get them around the baby car seat. "Thank you!", the lady said to the owner. It seemed a silly thing to say, rather than the owner saying it. But, the lady was truly grateful for the goats to be gone.
3. Where were we? Oh yes, baking apple crisp and canning apple butter. That's much better.

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  1. I was enthralled by the goat story and then #3 made me laugh out loud - a perfect ending! Now where were we...