Thursday, September 4, 2014

Not Looking Forward to Hunting Season, Enough Already!, Paint Like the Master

1. You know you live out in the country when... the hole in your roof is from a bullet.
2. I am thankful for air conditioning each and every day during this blasted heat wave.
3. We watched a very interesting movie tonight, Tim's Vermeer. Even with technology I don't think I could paint a Vermeer.


  1. Oh, that's funny about the bullet.

    Heat wave. Yeah, summer has finally arrived. In September.

  2. Yikes - I don't like to think of bullets flying around you!

    When I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with a bunch of friends, back in the 80s, we took a van (one of those Econoline vans someone's mom used to haul antiques she was selling.) On the way home, we had a flat tire and back in Atlanta, when the mom took the tire to be replaced, it had a bullet in it! Needless to say - chilling.

  3. Yes, we have had a mini heat wave as well on the VA eastern shore, followed by 2 days of rain and now more rain on the way. The trailer was interesting and so I will try to find this program. Penn Jillette has always been a favorite if not a very unusual individual.