Sunday, September 14, 2014

Men Playing Games, Nut Gathering, From Long Ago

1. Whenever I see Steve run it makes me smile for the oddity of it. It is a rare and unusual sight which prompts us to call out, "Look! Daddy's running!".
2. There's a huge chestnut tree whose branches hang over a fence and into the town park. Hand-sized, spiky green hulls split open and reveal smooth, mahogany chestnuts. I carry one of the chestnuts around in my pocket where I can finger it's smoothness. Every so often I take it out and admire it's wood-grained color.
3. A neighbor, whom I knew in Birmingham fifteen years ago, phoned me out of the blue. I have not spoken to her since we moved away from there, but I think of her often. Oh, that accent is something else and I loved hearing it and her! Her little boy was a little slip of a four year old when I knew him. She tells me he is now over six feet tall and weighs two hundred and seventy pounds. We shared a good laugh over that.


  1. The best part of this story occurred afterward when one of the church ladies said I looked hot.

    And I had a witness to.

    She meant it temperature wise but I still had fun with it, after reveling in the fact that I was indeed 'Hot'.

  2. Sounds as if there is more to that running story! :)

    Yes - a Birmingham accent is wonderful - I know it well. I used to travel to Birmingham routinely when I worked for BellSouth.