Monday, September 29, 2014

Light and Dark, Who's Your Decorator?, Halloween Cat

1. Early morning fog settled in all the valleys. I drove to work through an alternating landscape at every hill and vale.
2. The colors in this waiting room are a treat for the eyes. One room has walls painted a soft lime green and the adjoining room wears an equally pretty sky blue. Soft furnishings include pillows in braided lime green velvet and others textured in bright pink. It's a feast of both color and texture and it's beautifully done.
2a. I wish it could be a sure sign that the dentist is good. : )
3. Tess's piano teacher has the prettiest black cat I've ever seen. He/she is petite in size with pure black fur and emerald green eyes.

1 comment:

  1. I read somewhere that a lot of dentists are sensitive to the fact that clients fear them, so maybe this one studied up on soothing surroundings while waiting. My current dentist never seems to have any waiting time - I love that they just whisk you on back and get on with it.