Saturday, September 6, 2014

His Own Method, What Would You Do If..., The Last Two

1. Steve used a harness to hang out the second and third floor windows to wash the mildewed north side of the house. He rigged himself to a sawhorse and a two by four which would catch him should he give way. I fussed and fretted. He lived. The house is sparkling clean.
2. We were hanging out on the porch with two daughters and their husband and boyfriend tonight when somebody said, "Go get the jar with 'Our Family Dinner Questions'" in it. (Available HERE). We had fun with that. People's answers to these (sometimes corny) questions can be quite revealing. For example, Steve's super power is being offensive and my dream house would be where all my girls and their families live with us. The kids told me that was just creepy.
3. Tess and I were tired and went to bed, so Steve and Tess's boyfriend ended up being the last ones sitting out there together. They stayed up and chatted for a little while. I'm glad Ian is comfortable with Captain Offensive.

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  1. Captain Offensive - lol! I have bookmarked that webpage and will make a jar like that. So fun. :)