Saturday, September 20, 2014

Goodie Bags, Jack, Apples and Caramel

1. In the tradition of my mother and grandmother I brought the grandchildren a goodie bag. We've always made it a habit that the children depart (or grandmother arrives) with a little bag filled with treats.
2. Jack the toddler is now Jack the little boy. He positions himself right in front of a person to get their attention and then he talks. He sought Steve out to show him his pajamas.
2a. Sometimes Claire interprets for us.
3. All weekend long, the house was filled with the aroma of apples. We brought Claire two bushel bags filled with drops and she had applesauce, apple butter, and apple pie all going at the same time.
3a. She also made this amazing sea salt caramel.  You know what I'm making tonight : )


  1. The recipe calls for a tablespoon of salt, but we like it better with just a teaspoon!

    1. I agree. One teaspoon of sea salt would be better. I made it today with about 3/4 Tablespoon and it's salty. Still delicious though!

  2. I love the way apples smell, too. Just had my next to last September Wonder apple - I'll miss that scent in my kitchen.