Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beautiful Galleries, I Want What They're Having, Too Funny!

Just a stick...
...until you look closer.
  1. I returned from my walk with treasures...a pocketful of acorns and a beautiful stick.  The intricate patterns are tunnels made by bark beetles and other insects and they're called galleries. I think the designs look like a combination of  ancient writing and folk art.
1a. This is my second such stick so, I think I've begun a collection. I picked up the first stick on an island on Lake George, New York. It's so beautiful, I could never bear to throw it away so I've hauled it around with us for twenty five years.
2. The local, very nice, retirement home donates its old menus as scrap paper to our school. (An entire box of it.) I pull some out for menu ideas: Lobster Bisque, Summer Tuscan Salad, Coconut Cake, etc.
3. Oh my goodness, this blogger's videos made me laugh!

1 comment:

  1. What a find! It looks as if someone carved that stick like that.