Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Day in Song and Pictures

1. I'm sitting in the living room, drinking my morning coffee and watching the news. I can hear Tess singing in the shower upstairs. I push the mute button so I can listen to her pretty voice. It beats the news.
2. Throughout the morning, teachers and staff stopped by the office to pick up their mail. I had just distributed class photos to all their boxes which included our own personal mug shots. One by one, I began to notice that each teacher had the same reaction. They would take a peek at their photo, shake their heads, grumble something in disgust, and walk away.
2a. After viewing my own photo, I commented to M. that I definitely should have bought the full coverage make up in Raleigh last weekend.
3. In contrast, later this evening, I pour old family photos out of an envelope onto the counter in search of something. These candid shots of my sister dancing on a picnic table, family gatherings at tables laden with food, my dad flexing his muscles, these all make me smile.

1 comment:

  1. I'm laughing at 2 - no one ever likes their picture. I can totally relate!